Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pottey Amol

Hello friends,
Often suggested by my Chakma favourite singer Mr. Sambhulal, I cannot help blogging today just to help our friends who are staying at far off places. I mean to say, today I am going to give you all the links of all the songs sung by our Chakma Star singer Mr. Sambhulal Chakma.
Mr. Sambhula Chakma

To Begin with, I shall start with this year mega hit that came out from AMI EK JHAK. You are correct, I was talking of Pottey Amol Album. The Audio CD has nine beautiful tracks. One of the tracks being the introduction of the audio album though. The album has been financed by Mr. Aniruddha Chakma, the General Secretary of Tripura Chakma Students' Association. If you had already watched the Interview given to , Mr. Chakma has already mentioned of that in there. This is the link to the interview given to Bizumela channel by the star singer- Interview Part 2 and Interview Part 1.
Now let's take a look into the cover of the Audio. The pictures in the front is pretty inspiring and in the back side of the cover contains the track list of the CD. Please remember that the price mentioned in the cover is only 60 bucks which is decently marginal. It is to be mentioned here that if one really thinks of commercialization of the albums, you would only find 'LOSS' in the long run for none of the Chakma CDs atleast in Tripura could be properly marketed. Reasons behind this, are many which I need not explain here.
 Before leaving the links for download, I would request you to kindly keep on supporting us so that we can bring you more of Chakma songs for your listening pleasure. Also visit Sambhulal on FB and share your intellectual affinity. Since, at this stage, we cannot afford a file hosting domain for us, we shall not be able to provide you hotlinks for the songs (inconvenience is greatly regretted). Therefore, when you click the link, you will be forwarded to meadiafire and from there, you could download the songs with an ease. However, it is our belief that when you and your friends come forward, we would overcome this issue. Looking forward towards solving this at the earliest.

Download Links for the songs-

1. Ekdin more Hoch pebe

2.Monange Ische 

3.Mone Mone 

4.No Buje Nobuje Mon 

5.Dinyo Gele Reitto Eje 

6.O Porani Buyerane 

7.Pora Hobal Mor 

8.Ubo Geet 


Download in ZIP format 

1. Pottey Amol  (Size- 36.56 mb)- Artists - Ami Ek Jhaak
Click Here   


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